Lost Password

You have lost your password?

No problem, please follow the steps below:

  1. In your application, click Forgot Password in the login screen
  2. geben Sie die Daten an, welche abgefragt werden, z.B. Handynummer, E-Mail Adresse und oder Sicherheitsfrage/Fragen
  3. You will now receive an e-mail or SMS with a code or link with which you can reset the password. You may also need to follow other steps, such as answering a security question
  4. Click on the link or enter the code from the SMS or email in the field of the login screen
  5. Give yourself a new password and remember it well. You have received a starter package from the RBTF, as you usually have many accesses with us, this includes a free password manager. You can find the starter package in the Customer Network
  6. Log in again in the login screen with your newly assigned password

Do you no longer have your email address? Have you changed your mobile phone number or do you no longer know your security question, then please read the following article: Password Reset

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